Printer-Related Products

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Providing a Broad Range of Inkjet Printers

For some 16 years, Funai Electric manufactured inkjet printer hardware equipment under consignment for Lexmark, the world’s leading specialized manufacturer of printers, collaborating with the company from the development stage.

In April 2013, we acquired from Lexmark printer-related product’s patents, including on ink cartridges, product development technologies and an ink cartridge factory, thereby expanding our operations. This acquisition enabled us to take part not only in the hardware end of the business but also in the highly profitable area of ink cartridges.

In 2013, we began manufacturing ink cartridges at a plant in the Philippines (the island of Cebu) that we acquired from Lexmark. By taking advantage of the expertise that we have built up in collaboration with Lexmark, We strated to manufacture high-quality printers under KODAK brand, which announced on February 2015.

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Supply Ink Cartridges and Related Supplies to OEM Partners

We utilize the thermal inkjet technologies which was acquired from Lexmark International Inc. in 2013, and sells the cartridges and related supplies to OEM partners.

The advantage of our cartridge is long throw distance, high speed printing, easy of maintenance (disposable), compare to existing market products. We are developing product lineup assuming various applications such as printing on cardboard, postcards, tablets, eggs, glass and plastic surfaces.